Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Target Shooting main website. If you are not currently into target sports and are interested to learn more, just click the New to Shooting link above.

Target shooting is an Olympic sport and the CTSA is committed to developing this exciting and rewarding sport in Cambridgeshire. We actively promote the safe and responsible use of all target shooting equipment.

Leagues: Our .22 rimfire short and long range leagues are self-scoring leagues, run on-line and you can visit that site by following the link along the top of this site. Any smallbore club across the United Kingdom is very welcome to join our leagues by creating an account on that site. We hope to integrate the leagues' website and this one into one site in time.

This site is intended as a means of providing the shooting community with a forum to discuss shooting subjects, upload competition results, photos and reports, advertise their shooting events and much more.

Lloyds Bank have booked the range for their shoot for the morning 4th Nov 2017

Lloyds Bank have booked the range at Norman Cross for the morning of the 4th Nov 2017 for their shoot. This is not exclusive use.

CTSA Guy Fawkes Shoot 5th Nov 2017

The Cambs Guy Fawkes Open shoot takes place on the 5th Nov 2017 on the Norman Cross Range.

This competition is a Double Dewar.

Benchrest is included in this competition.

Entry form is attached.

Cambs Christmas Open Shoot 3rd Dec 2017

The Cambs Christmas Open shoot takes place on the 3rd Dec 2017 on the Norman Cross Range.

The course of fire for this shoot is 40 shots at 50mtrs and optional 55 shots on Christmas fun cards at 50mtrs. The fun cards are Christmas scenes.

Benchrest is also included in this competition.

Entry form is attached.

Result of the CTSA Tribunal Hearing for Charity Status

CTSA’s Application for Registration as a Charity

As many know, we applied to the Charity Commission some time ago to register CTSA as a charity. The Commission declined our application, saying that target shooting does not fall within the legal definition of sport for charity law purposes in their view. We took expert legal advice about challenging that decision and were told we had a strong case to do so, thus we appealed to the Charity Tribunal.

CTSA Summer 2015 League - Cambridgeshire Trophy Winners

Lists Winners of each division for 25yd, 50m and 100yd competitions.

Print for your club notice board.
Winners (teams only) from 2008 to present can be found in the 'CTSA .22 Leagues' in Competition Results

CTSA Summer 2015 League Results

CTSA SUMMER 2015 LEAGUE results attached.
Includes 25yd, 50m, 100yd, benchrest and air weapons results.
Print for your club notice board.
Results also listed in Competition Results section under "CTSA .22 Leagues".

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