Email Addresses in Posts

Hi all

I'm really pleased to see people adding stuff to the site! Thank you - the more the merrier. Please keep on passing the site details to all who may be interested.

A word of advice though... adding your email address to the body of your posts on this site will attract robots trawling the web purely for the purpose of picking up email addresses they can Spam.

If you are a logged in User of this site other users will be able to contact you by clicking on your username in your posting. You can test it by clicking on 'Administrator' as the author of this post. So, if you want people to contact you ask them to click on your Username in your post and that will open a page with a Contact button on it. Once you receive that email from the other user you will be able to reply to them with your own address.

It's a security system that could probably be quite useful.

Thanks for listening - Helen knows best!! ;-)