Help - Add Forum Topic

Forum Topic

You can start a new Forum Topic by clicking on the menu item ‘Add Content to Website’ and then selecting ‘Forum Topic’. Forums are a place where everyone can contribute to discussions on various topics but we would like to try and limit our discussions to the subject of shooting, if possible! There are five forums you can add your discussion to: .22 Discussions, Air Weapons Discussions, Buy and Sell, Shooting Events and General. If your forum topic falls within any of those loose headings then you should add it to that section. If you think that there should be another category then please tell the site Administrator and another category will be added.

a. Adding Forum Topic

Click on ‘Add Content to Website’ on main menu on left. Then click on the ‘Forum Topic’ option.

Enter the ‘Subject’ of your Forum Topic at the top of the page in the box labelled thus.

In the drop down box labelled ‘Forums’ you can select one the five categories mentioned above.

In the ‘Body’ box type in the topic of conversation you would like to start. Please keep it short and clear.

You can then either Preview what you have entered or Save it straight away. Please be aware that you MUST save the page for it to be displayed!


b. Editing Forum Topic

To edit any Forum Topic that YOU have added you will need to go to the Shooting Discussion Forum link on the main menu. You will then need to find your forum topic and open it. At the top of the page, in the centre, you will see some tabs, including View and Edit. Click on the ‘Edit’ tab and this will take you to the original page when you created your entry. You can make any changes you wish on that page. Be sure to save the changes you make.

c. Delete Forum Topic

To delete any Forum Topic you have added simply select the forum topic you created in the Shooting Discussion Forum, click on the ‘Edit’ tab at the top of the page and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a Delete button. Click on that button and confirm that you wish to delete. This will delete all of your entry. N.B. If you have created a forum topic as an anonymous user then you will NOT be able to delete it. Contact the site Administrator if you wish to delete a topic.