Help - Add Event Date

Event Date

You can add any shooting related event to this website. The entry will be added to the calendar, will be shown on the Front Page of the site and will be listed in the ‘Coming Up’ box under the calendar. This will ensure that everyone gets to see the events happening in the world of shooting, both on a local level and further afield. Please feel free to add your own shooting event to this list, and include the entry forms, directions or general information as file attachments to the entry.

a. Adding Event Dates

Click on ‘Add Content to Website’ on main menu on left. Then click on the ‘Event Date’ option.

Enter the ‘Title’ of your event at the top of the page in the box labelled thus.

Enter the exact date of the event in the format 00/00/0000 in the ‘From Date’ box and enter the same date in the ‘To Date’ box if the event is on just the one day. If the event lasts over a number of days then fill in the End Date of the event in that box in the same format. You can select your own ‘Repeat’ frequency to your event if it does repeat. The instructions on how to do this are laid out on your screen. In the ‘Body’ text area below fill in all the details of the event. Remember to include TIMES for your event and LOCATION!

You can copy and paste from another document into this box but remember that any formatting you used in the original document will be lost when you paste it. If you are familiar with html then you are perfectly at liberty to copy an html document into this box but will need to ensure that in the section below (Input Format) you have ‘Full HTML’ selected if your html has more components than those allowed in the ‘Filtered HTML’ option.

To find more information and help on formatting your text for these pages click on the ‘Input Format’ option below the ‘Body’ box and then click on ‘More Information about formatting options’. You shouldn’t need to change the settings from Filtered HTML to Full HTML unless you know what you are doing! REMEMBER: Keep it as simple as possible and that way you will feel less intimidated by the site!!

FILE ATTACHMENTS. If you want to add entry forms for your event as an attachment that viewers can download to their own PC then click on the ‘File Attachment’ option below. Where it says ‘Attach new file’ click on the Browse button and this will open up a window where you can locate and select the results file on your PC. The types of files that you can upload are listed on the site but you should find that you are unlikely to be using any other format to the ones listed. When you have selected your file click on the ‘Attach’ button. This will upload the file to the server. Once it is uploaded it will be listed with two check boxes to the left of it, labelled ‘Delete’ and ‘List’. You will need to click in the ‘List’ box or else the file will not be shown on your Results page! If you wish to add more files, you can do so by following the same procedure. Remember that you can attach both entry forms and direction maps.

COMMENTS settings: if you don’t want those viewing the Event details to leave comments on the page you have created then click on ‘Comment Settings’ and make sure that ‘Disabled’ is selected. If you are happy for people to comment then click on ‘Read/Write’.

AUTHORING INFORMATION: your name will automatically be entered into the ‘Authored by’ box but if you would prefer to not have your log in name there, then remove the name and leave it blank.

PUBLISHING OPTIONS: please ensure that ‘Published’ is checked or the page won’t be listed. Your event will, by default, be listed on the front page as well as in the upcoming events box but if you would prefer not to be listed on the front page you will need to un-select the ‘Promoted to front page’ box.

You can then either Preview what you have entered or Save it straight away. Please be aware that you MUST save the page for it to be displayed!


b. Editing Event Dates

To edit any Event Dates that YOU have added you will need to be logged into your account. Simply click on the date in the calendar and then the event you have listed (if it isn’t listed in the Upcoming Events box) that you wish to edit. At the top of the page, in the centre, you will see some tabs, including View and Edit. Click on the ‘Edit’ tab and this will take you to the original page when you created your entry. You can make any changes you wish on that page. Be sure to save the changes you make.

If you wanted to change the file that was attached previously, you need to go the ‘File Attachments’ section and unselect the file that is listed. You can also delete that file if you no longer wish it to be listed. This will help clear the site of unwanted files. You can then upload new files if needed.

c. Delete Event Dates

To delete any Events Dates you have added simply select the date in the calendar and the event listed on that date (or select it from the Upcoming Events box, click on the ‘Edit’ tab at the top of the page and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a Delete button. Click on that button and confirm that you wish to delete. This will delete all of your entry.