Help for Adding Content to Website

Adding Content

Without your content there will be little point coming back to on this website! So, content needs to be added. It’s not easy for one person to have their finger on the pulse of all that is happening in the shooting world and to update the website regularly. That is why this site has been created, so that everyone can add content, providing they have the access rights to the site to do so. You will need to ask for your account permissions to be upgraded if you are interested in posting articles and reports and competition results. Please do this by contacting the site Administrator via the Contact CTSA link. Once you have created a basic account you will be able to enter Event Dates to the calendar as well as participate in the discussion forums. Once your account has been upgraded you can add Competition Results, Shooting articles/blogs and Notifications or Alerts.

The content on the site will be checked on from time to time but isn’t monitored closely. We sincerely hope that only content that is suitable for all eyes (!) will be posted here and that if anything is posted that is deemed unacceptable other users will alert the Administrator. As you are all aware, shooting and shooters don’t always attract the best publicity based on the actions of a tiny few and it would be fantastic if members of the public were to find our website and realise that this is a great sport, with great people participating in it. But I’m sure that goes without saying…!

For help on each component of Adding Content, please click on the relevant link from the menu.