Result of the CTSA Tribunal Hearing for Charity Status

CTSA’s Application for Registration as a Charity

As many know, we applied to the Charity Commission some time ago to register CTSA as a charity. The Commission declined our application, saying that target shooting does not fall within the legal definition of sport for charity law purposes in their view. We took expert legal advice about challenging that decision and were told we had a strong case to do so, thus we appealed to the Charity Tribunal.

Our case was heard at the end of September and the Tribunal has now issued their decision. Unfortunately we were not successful. In spite of good evidence, expert opinion, and legal argument, the Tribunal was not persuaded to overturn the Charity Commission’s decision.

This is a great shame for CTSA and the sport of target shooting. We will be denied the very significant tax and other advantages of charitable status which are granted to a very wide range of sports. As target shooting is accepted as a sport by Sport UK and the IOC, this does seem very inconsistent and unfair.

We are exploring other options which, whilst not our first choice, may still be able to achieve some of what we hoped for.