Cambs .22 Leagues

You can view the CTSA .22 League Website by clicking on the link in the top menu if you want to see the current status of the leagues or click HERE. Previous league results can be seen by clicking on the links below.

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The results sheets below start at 2008, when the CTSA League website started. Results before 2008 will be posted as they are compiled, but recorded information from that period is not as comprehensive.

Summer and Winter Leagues

Individual competitions.
Div. 1 winners each receive a gold medal; all other division winners each a silver medal.

Team competitions.
Div. 1 winners each receive a gold medal; all other division winners each receive a silver medal.

Additionally, trophies (only) are awarded to Cambridgeshire teams coming highest in each division; they are not necessarily the winners/runners-up in that division. Please note that there are no trophies in the Summmer Individual Leagues.

For a detailed list of the awards for smallbore, air weapons and benchrest, see "Awards and Trophy Allocation" below.

CTSA Awards and Trophy Allocation (3).pdf94.77 KB
CTSA Summer League Trophy Winners (18).pdf44.73 KB
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CTSA Summer 2018 League Results (1).pdf64.61 KB
CTSA Winter 2017-18 League Results.pdf86.22 KB
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CTSA Winter 2008:9 League Results.pdf56.46 KB
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