Welcome to our new community website

Hello all

Welcome to the Cambridgeshire Target Shooting Association's new community website. This site is where all county, national or local events can be advertised (along with entry forms); where all results can be published by any club or team captain; where those with interesting reports to make on shooting within the county or nationwide can do so, to which members of the shooting fraternity can add comments of their own; where any alerts or notifications can be posted and where members of this site can receive notification emails of events should they choose; where members of the site can start forum discussions, advertise their surplus shooting gear or tell everyone what they are in need of.

The CTSA leagues are still run on our other sister site and one day (yes, one day, when we all have time) everything will be together under one roof. Meanwhile you can easily access the league site from this website following the links dotted around the place. Final league results will be posted here on this site and hopefully, before long, results from each round.

So, please, create an account on this site as you won't be able to carry out certain functions or view certain aspects of the site without doing so. Basic account holders can add to forum posts, add Useful Links, add dates to the calendar and scores/results. If you want to had reports and alerts then you will need to ask for further access permissions. I shall not automatically be giving everyone who creates an account these additional access rights unless I know that the account holder is a club official or captain. I'm sure that everyone will appreciate why!

If you want to add anything to this site and are uncertain what you are able to add please contact me (Administrator) from the email link on the left menu or click on the blue link word 'Administrator' at the beginning of this post. If you feel a little un-nerved by it all, don't worry because anything you do that you think you've done incorrectly at your end can simply be rectified at my end. Just let me know what you've done that needs changing. There are Help pages available in the Add Content to Website section which should help a little.

I don't intend to monitor everything that happens on this site as I have better things to do with my time but PLEASE, I know I don't need to ask this but.... please keep everything friendly and clean. No squabbling, no spitting and no swearing! Or else!

Happy browsing.